News: No Black Friday Plugin Deals in 2019!

BREAKING NEWS! In an unprecedented collaboration, all audio software developers have agreed that they will not offer any discounts at all this Black Friday season!

Having decided that it's "all got far too silly" and that they would "quite like to sell stuff at other times of the year too", every single plugin maker has vowed to keep all products at full price until 2020, just to teach us all a lesson.

The knock-on effect of this decision is far-reaching:

  • The hugely active Audio Plugin Deals and Freebies group on Facebook, which usually goes wild this time of year, will be closed until Christmas.
  • The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals page on the Audio Plugin Guy website will be replaced by an interactive snowglobe animation with a little snowboarding dude and some elves that scream when you shake them up.
  • The team behind have expressed their relief at being able to take some time off from constantly checking the Waves website for special offers.
  • Families of plugin junkies around the world are preparing themselves to actually spend some quality time all together rather than with one of them glued to their laptop waiting desperately to see if Omnisphere will actually go on sale this year.
  • The guys at Valhalla DSP aren't really sure what all the fuss is about...

OMFG! For reals?!

No. Of course not... we're pretty sure that we will be totally flooded with Black Friday plugin sales from all directions, probably starting as soon as the 1st of November. And we're gonna be watching and discussing and making sure YOU don't miss the ones you've been waiting for (or any unexpected no-brainers). All you need to do is join the FB group, bookmark the Black Friday Deals page and sign up to the brand new Audio Plugin Sales forums and you'll be amongst the most informed plugin-heads, making the biggest savings this season.

See you there... bring your wallet! 

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