Plugin Deals of the Week - 2019 Black Friday Special

Published December 1, 2019

Yes! Black Friday happened and most of the deals have now been announced. We asked OVER 16,000 members of our Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to submit and vote on which deals they thought were the best this year.

There is a regularly updated list of Black Friday deals on the Audio Plugin Guy website. We have also been sharing them on the Audio Plugin Sales twitter account and discussing them in our Deals and Freebies Facebook Group.

Let's see which audio software deals our community rates the highest this year! As it's a special occasion we're doing a top-ten instead of the usual five...

#1. Everything Half-Price in the Wavesfactory Black Friday Sale

Offer expires December 6th 

These guys are top of the list with quite a few votes. With great plugins such as Trackspacer, Spectre, and Cassette available as well as a range of Kontakt instruments.


#2. Up to 80% off in the Soundtoys Black Friday Sale

Offer expires December 4th

Widely adored plugins for mixing and creative effects. This year Soundtoys are offering 50% off the full collection and upgrades plus up to 80% off individual plugins.


#3. Melodyne from Celemony Black Friday Offers

Expires December 4th... 

Offers also available on Melodyne Editor and Melodyne Assistant.

"Melodyne 4 studio offers you all Melodyne functions for both correction and creative applications on an unlimited number of tracks. You can edit the sound and musical content of your recordings in such an intuitive manner or make such far-reaching changes with no other audio tool."

IMPORTANT: Read the instructions for the upgrade path you have to follow to get this deal.


#4. 70% off the "iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle" (Requires that you own at least one iZotope product)

Expires December 7th...

"Including Ozone 9 Adv, Neutron 3 Adv, Nectar 3 and Melodyne Essential. Grab this beast of an offer for £177/$199 before it ends on 6th Dec! Don't already own an iZotope plugin? Don't worry! Be instantly eligible with your free Nectar Elements at purchase!"


#5.  Discounts on Bundles and Upgrades in the Kilohearts Black Friday Sale 

Expiry December 8th...

Get these guys' incredible new synth Phase Plant as part of the Phase Plant + Toolbox PROFESSIONAL bundle ($150 off) or Toolbox ULTIMATE with ($200 off). Bigger savings available if you already own any Kilohearts plugins so be sure to log in for your personalized upgrade offer.


#6. Get up to 70% off in the Acustica Audio Black Friday Sale

Expires December 3rd...


#7. Almost 70% off Softube Harmonics (use SOFTUBEVIP10 code to get another 10% off)

Expires December 1st...

QUICK!!! This is still available at the time of writing and I personally had issues logging in so I'm hoping they'll till let me buy it once that's sorted!


#8. Kush Audio Black Friday Sale

Expires December 2nd...

Great plugins from great (and hilarious) devs, Kush.


#9. Up to 60% off in the Polyverse Black Friday Sale

Expires December 5th...

Discounts on Comet, Gatekeeper, Manipulator, I Wish and bundles.


#10. The Arturia V Collection 7 for €299 (reg. €499) plus personalised upgrade offers

Expires December 6th... 

Returning after already appearing in last week's top-five deals. Great instruments from Arturia at the lowest price of the year!


That's it for our Black Friday Deals of the Week special! You can check out all this year's Black Friday plugin deals in this huge list on Audio Plugin Guy.  You can check out the original poll here. Also, check previous Deals of the Week for deals that may still be running. And finally, make damned sure you're in the Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to catch the best of the rest. See you there! x

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