Plugin Deals of the Week - August 30th 2019

Published August 30, 2019

Well hello there! Welcome to another new thing! It's Plugin Deals of the Week time!

There are so many new deals coming and going all the time... just spend a little time in our Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group and you'll see what I mean. So to help make sure you don't miss the best out of all of them, we're gonna try and list them every Friday. So let's get right on with it... in no particular order:

44% off WORMHOLE from Zynaptiq until August 31st

Sound designers love this one. WORMHOLE is a much-lauded multi-effect plugin that isn't often seen on sale. Available from Plugin Boutique and other retailers until tomorrow!

"WORMHOLE consists of 5 highly synergistic processing modules: the spectral WARP, the pitch/frequency SHIFT, the dual random modulated hall REVERB, a nifty little DELAY, and the dry/wet morphing FX BLEND sections. In combination with a flexible signal path, this makes WORMHOLE an ultra-fast and easy-to-use, high-end multi-effects processor, that covers the full range from the subtle to the (very) extreme. Whether you're a sound designer, music producer or ambient artist, WORMHOLE is for you."

FREE! London Atmos for LABS from Spitfire Audio

If you haven't already heard of LABS then we recommend you jump on it. Regular FREE instruments from fantastic instrument creators Spitfire Audio. They're always unique yet usable and, best of all, they're free!

50% off Martinic's Elka Panther combo organ

Martinic is not as well known as they should be for the amazing work they've done creating incredible emulations of various retro instruments. The Elka Panther is one that they released under their own brand a while ago but only now seems to be making it to the resellers. JRR are offering half-off this and their Scanner Vibrato effect plugin as an intro deal to the store.

Reverb gives away a HUGE collection drum machine samples for FREE!

This one came out of nowhere and despite almost certainly being a gift to get you on their mailing list, it's still a gift you might not want to miss. Over 50 drum machines, the complete Reverb Drum Machines collection. Free!

VST Buzz offer 82% off frei:raum from Sonible

This one splits opinion a bit with many users saying it's powerful and unique in function... whilst some can't seem to get it to do what they want at all. Those that love it seem to love it a lot though, and it's a pretty hefty discount so it's going on the list. You can also read this Audio Plugin Guy review for some more insight.

50% off RC-20 from XLN Audio

Another highly-recommended and not-as-well-known-as-it-should-be effect. Not one to sleep on.

RC-20 Retro Color is a creative effect plugin that adds life and texture to any recording. It easily recreates the warm, cozy feeling of vintage recording equipment, but also works perfectly in any modern production setting.

  • Adds life and texture inspired by classic gear
  • Great on drums, guitars, keys, bass and full mixes
  • Flux Engine adds warm, analog-style fluctuations

It's a vibe machine fo sho!

Gonna leave it at that for now... as this is a new thing I only decided to do about ten minutes ago, it's probably not as thoroughly researched as it could be. If you think there's a deal-of-the-week that should be on this list then please do add it to the comments below!

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