Plugin Deals of the Week - September 13th 2019

Published September 13, 2019

We asked the (over 14,000) members of our Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to vote on which deals they thought were the best this week. It's worth noting that some were flash sales that already ended so if you're not in the group you might have missed them.

Bit of a quiet week in terms of 'epic deals' and 'no-brainers' so it's not a huge list. The number-one choice was actually to 'hold on to my money until next week' so bear in mind that is an option! Still, could be one or two you might be interested in.

BIAS AMP 2 LE from Positive Grid for FREE!

Until the 20th of September, you can grab the lite edition of BIAS AMP 2 for literally nothing. In their own words:

Get a sneak peek at the full experience of Positive Grid’s flagship BIAS AMP 2 virtual amp designer with this exclusive BIAS AMP 2 LE (Lite Edition) giveaway. Start off with a wide array of modern and boutique amps, or custom build your own signature amp from scratch!

For a limited time only, login with your Positive Grid account (or sign up) and click the button below to get your very own copy of BIAS AMP 2 LE for FREE! Start crafting your own professional guitar tones right on your PC/Mac now!

Grab your free copy of BIAS AMP 2 LE now! 

60% off The RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer from Inphonik

A late edition but worthy.

RYM2612 is a software FM synthesizer in VST, Audio Unit, AAX and Rack Extension formats. It’s an emulation of the Yamaha YM2612 sound chip, best known for being the vibrant voice of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive videogame console. More than a simple sound-alike, the emulation is cycle-accurate to the original chip, that allows reproducing every unique possibility of the synth. On top of this, the amp circuitry of the console has been reproduced too, in order to obtain the same grain you'd get if you plugged the real hardware into your DAW.

Grab it for less than twenty quid now!

SampleTank 4 SE and Syntronik Krazy Deal!

Yup. IK Multimedia have made the list for a second week running.

Now is your chance grab all of the new features loaded into SampleTank 4 and our legendary synth powerhouse, Syntronik, for a fraction of the cost! From September 10th through September 17th, take 67% off both Syntronik and SampleTank 4 SE. This means you have access to SampleTank 4's brand new GUI, with easier browsing, a resizable workspace, and over 30 GB of sounds and Syntronik's cutting-edge hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine.

Get 67% off Syntronik and SampleTank 4 SE now!

How Pros Make Hits eBook from Mastering the Mix

Plugin deals are so thin on the ground this week that an eBook somehow snuck onto the list! Admittedly an eBook by a plugin manufacturer, so that's kinda ok.

Anyway... it's half-price from Plugin Boutique until October the 2nd and that's a deal.

Grab the eBook now!

That's it for this week. All the other entries were flash sales and already expired so no point listing them here. Make sure you're in the Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to catch those! See you next week. x

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