The Best Plugin Deals of 2020 - Week #1

Published January 4, 2020

We polled almost 17,000 members of our Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to find out which deals have impressed them the most this week.

Welcome to 2020 and the first 'Deals of the Week' post of the year!

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To be honest... we're all a bit skint and exhausted from the Black Friday and holiday season shenanigans so it's not been the most enthusiastic poll ever. No surprises there really.

Over the holidays we began revamping the sales forums on the Audio Plugin Sales site, so please do log in over there and start/join any discussions you feel are relevant. We've also set up processes to ensure that the @RealPluginDeals twitter account is the most comprehensive and up-to-date plugin deals Twitter steam available by far. And, as always, the community continues to post and discuss every new deal in our Deals and Freebies Facebook Group. So we hope to see catch you there!

Now let's check out this week's top five...

#1. Nothing. Wait for next week.

Yes... the number one option for the first week in 2020 is... nothing!

I told you we were a bit jaded. Though it's amusing to see the inclusion of 'wait for next week' in this option to show that we're not giving up, just taking a break.

Do Nothing NOW!

#2. Bitwig Winter Special (Extended)

Expires January 7th.

BitWig Mug

Bitwig have gifted us an extra week to save up to $100 on Bitwig Studio, upgrades and other items in their shop (including the Bitwig mug!).

Shop Bitwig now!

#3. Plugin Alliance Monster Sale - Best of Q4

Current deals expire January 8th... 

Lots of discounts PLUS the following two coupon options (single-use, one per order):

$49 Off Every Order $99 or more: PA-49-off-min-99
$111 Off Every Order $199 or more: PA-111-off-min-199

Shop at Plugin Alliance now!

#4. 60% off “FM TiNES 2” by Gospel Musicians (€72 instead of €180)

Expires January 15th...

FM TiNES 2” is absolutely the most exhaustive FM, Dyno, Crystal, Tine, Bell, and electric piano library ever created!

Packed with 30GB of only electric pianos, bells and pads. Never before has there been such a huge library dedicated to the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard!

Get this deal NOW!

#5.  Up to 50% off in the Audiothing Holiday Sale

Expiry unknown...

Audiothing's great little affordable plugins are even more affordable in their Holiday Sale!

Check out the offers!

That's it for this week. You can check out the original poll here. Also, check previous Deals of the Week for deals that may still be running. And finally, make damned sure you're in the Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to catch the best of the rest. See you there! x

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