The Best Plugin Deals of 2020 - Week #25

Published June 19, 2020

We polled over 23,000 members of our Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to find out which deals are smacking us in the face with awesomeness this week.

To keep up with the latest sales and deals as they happen, join us in the Deals and Freebies Facebook Group, or follow the @RealPluginDeals twitter account for live updates and discussions. There's also a regularly updated and rather massive list of all current deals on the APG website. So bookmark that too!

The original poll is here, and you can discuss our Deals of the Week in our forums here.

Let's dive right on in...

#1. Ozone Elements 9 FREE with code: FreeOzone

Expiry unknown...

Another chance to get one of the iZotope Elements series for FREE!

Grab it now!

#2. Nembrini Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier for $29

Expires June 30th

A great price for a great amp sim... check out the Audio Plugin Guy first play video below.

Buy it now!

#3. Audiority Tube Modulator $10

Expires July 1st

Bit of a guitar theme this week with this excellent chorus/tremolo effect coming in at number three! And look... another APG demo!

Buy now!

#4. HY-Poly Free

No Expiry

Apparently there's a free version... can you tell me how to find it!?

Grab it now!

#5. Acustica Audio Summer Sale - up to 80% Off

Expires June 24th

Great for your music... not so much for your CPU!

Save now!

Thanks for checking out this week's top five plugin deals. You can check out the original poll here to see a few other deals that didn't quite make the top-five. Also, check previous Deals of the Week for deals that may still be running. And finally, be certain that you're in the Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to catch the best of the rest.

See you there! x

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