The Best Plugin Deals of 2020 - Week #4

Published January 25, 2020

We polled over 17,000 members of our Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to find out which deals are kicking ass this week.

What do you know... it's still January! And still a little quiet on the deals front. There wasn't even much in the way of NAMM specials this year. But still, we polled... and surely we found a few deals worth talking about.

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Now, let' take a look at the top deals...

#1. 78% off El Rey from Acustica

Expires February 3rd... 

Highly acclaimed by mix engineers, though also highly feared by CPUs everywhere, Acustica software has become well known and adored. And they like to give us tasty discounts now and then too. This time it's the El Rey compressor with a huge 78% chopped off.

Grab this deal!

#2. 58% off “Harvest” by Harvest Plugins via VST Buzz

Expires February 5th

“Harvest” is a MIDI sequence generator. It’s a VST Plugin that can produce melodies, chords, and drum patterns. Generate unique loops, subtly tweak melodies or create MIDI chaos.

Pick up this sweet deal now!

#3. Deducktion from Dead Duck Software for FREE!

No expiry date 

Can't beat a good freebie. And this little synth made the list this week, so it must be worth a look.

Grab this freebie now!

#4. 50% off EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers

Expires January 31st

This impressive new library from EastWest will let you type in any word and have it sung by the industry's top backup singers!

Get this deal NOW!

#5. Decatifier 2000 Pro Gold SE x-treme from Wibbletronix is Free!

Expiry and whereabouts unknown...?

The mysterious developers known as Wibbletronix have made the list again. Although none of us can find the plugin in question we'd all very much like to get our hands on it. Because cats are jerks.

Any idea...?

Thanks for checking out this week's top five plugin deals. You can check out the original poll here. Also, check previous Deals of the Week for deals that may still be running. And finally, be certain that you're in the Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to catch the best of the rest. See you there! x

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