The Best Plugin Deals of 2021 - Week #05

Published February 5, 2021

We polled almost 40,000 members of our Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to find out what is hot this week.

To keep up with the latest sales and deals as they happen, join us in the Deals and Freebies Facebook Group, or follow the Plugin Deals (@newplugindeals) on Twitter for live updates and discussions. Check out the Plugin Deals website too! There's also a regularly updated and rather massive list of all current deals on the APG website. So bookmark that!

The original poll is here. We are now keeping a list of all the weekly top deals here. Some of the links on this list may be affiliate links. When you buy via these links, APG may earn a commission on your purchase, but you will not pay any extra. ❤️

Watch the video for this week's APG Exclusive discount...

Let's go...

#1. AAS Objeq Delay FREE with any purchase from Plugin Boutique

Until February 28th

This month's FWAP is a goodun! Check out this classic APG review of Objeq Delay. ("Classic" as in, a bit too short and not that useful, before we improved the review structure... there's a lot in the vid below thought!). Look for a nice deal at PB and get this in your basket as a bonus.

Check out the PB deals!

#2. IK Multimedia's Black 76 Compressor Plugin for FREE

Expires February 13th

Sign up to the mailing list and you should be sent the serial. If not you might have to follow up by email. I'm looking at doing something similar for APG list members soon!

Grab it now!

#3. Our House expansion for Massive X with 150 presets for FREE

Expires March 4th

"150 presets of pure house vibes covering everything from prophetic organs to acid lines; high-energy stabs to sequenced trickery."

Grab them now!

#4. Babelson BBCMP for FREE!

Expiry unknown... "one week only"...

Dual-band compressor thingy.

Grab it now!

#5. Kilohearts Phase Plant and three Content Banks for $99

Expires February 15th

Groundbreaking semi-modular synth with limitless creative possibilities. This is the synth-only version without all the extra effects (except the free ones) but it includes three Content Banks, full of presets that will work regardless of which effects modules you own. Which is pretty sweet! Watch a demo of one below.

Take that offer now!


Thanks for checking out this week's top five plugin deals. You can check out the original poll here to see a few other deals that didn't quite make the top-five. Also, check previous Deals of the Week for deals that may still be running. And finally, be certain that you're in the Audio Plugin Sales and Deals Facebook group to discuss the best of the rest.

See you there! x

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